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Executive Summary

Incorporated in August of 2011 in the State of Iowa, Tritent Int’l Agriculture, Inc. (TRIAGRA) has recently and successfully completed its initial fundraising with equivalent of $3.5 Million capitalization. At a time when the domestic infant formula market is monopolized by three and three only giant U.S. manufactures, TRIAGRA is undertaking the path to become the fourth or fifth independent infant formula manufacture in the United States. It has selected Dubuque, Iowa as its location to set up its dairy plant operations and has registered “Union Milk” as trademark for its products. The targeted date of plant completion is October 31, 2012. Once operational, it will have necessary certifications to manufacture infant formula and other products. The designed production capacity is 10 metric tons of processed powder milk per day, and 160 kilograms of freeze-dry colostrum powder per day. By the end of 2012, TRIAGRA intends to ship its first containers of “Union Milk” brand of infant formula, children’s growth formula, all-age formula and colostrum supplement to the China market. The Company’s products will set it apart from both Chinese domestic and international manufacturers and competitors in that the Union Milk brand of products are products not only made in America, but also products made with most natural and advanced scientific formula, including both organic milk and colostrum as major ingredients. For its stage one development, TRIAGRA seeks to target the top income earning families in Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities and counties along the Southeastern coastal regions of China. With China becoming the largest and fastest-growing formula market in the world, TRIAGRA intends to cultivate and occupy half of one percent (0.005%) of this 50 billion dollar market in five years’ time. At TRIAGRA, we sincerely believe in the necessity and goodness of its products in the global market. At the beginning of the Year of the Dragon, please join us on this journey to cultivate and promote the best American made Union Milk products for the future of the world.

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